Toms Zone includes a list of 1,020 known Jukebox, Remote Selectors and Speaker Models. This site, dedicated to all things Jukebox, also includes hundreds of original service manuals, a rated listing of dozens of jukebox publications and jukebox manufacturer information. - details
Thousands of audio technology professionals are members of The Audio Engineering Society, the world's only professional audio technology society. The society, through conventions, workshops and exhibitions serves the educational needs of its members and promotes technological advancements and the latest research in audio technology. - details
Forum for audiophiles to talk about audio coding, video coding and audio technology in general. Don't miss the wiki-style Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase that the forum membership is building. - details
Official website of the print magazine of the same name. Featured articles, equipment reviews, regular columns, news and an active forum provide audiphiles a place to share information and read about audio equipment and how to get the best performance from them. - details offers a collection of audio clips and loops downloads designed for the music production community. The site also offers a forum, multimedia software and free VST plugins. You can play each one of the audio clips on the site or download all 7,000 for a one-time donation. - details

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