While the original museum no longer exists and the collection was moved to a larger venue, The University of Waterloo in Ontario has put together over 700 webpages sharing photographs, diagrams, videos and other information about the games that populated the collection. Each of the historical game boards, pieces and equipment in the collection are showcased and accompanied by descriptions of how the game was played and its general history. - details
Gary's been playing this Chinese tile game since he was a child. His site explains the game, explores various game-play strategies and offers a way for Mah Jong players in the UK to find each other. - details
The official national organization for American go players. They maintain the national rankings of American go players, organize tournaments and help publicize this 4,000 year old board game from China. - details
Solve online jigsaw puzzles with as little as 6 pieces or as many as 247 teeny little triangular pieces. This free puzzle site offers a huge variety of beautiful photographic images for you to piece together. See if you can beat the average solve time or even set the new record. - details
Thousands of card and tile game rules from around the world are indexed on this large, informative website. Instructions, diagrams and even the origins of each game are explained in detail. - details

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