An organic gardening site with a can do attitude. Experienced sustainable gardening experts have put together this informative and inspirational gardening site. The site is full of garden design ideas, plant care information, soil conditioning tips and xeriscaping strategies. - details
A directory of many of North America's best gardens, arboreta and nature sites. Maps, site information and a calendar of events make this website a great way to plan a day's excursion or your next vacation. - details
A Taste of Gardening was developed by Greg Stack, a Horticultural Extension Educator and the University of Illinois. The site reads like a step by step guide to growing your own vegetables and herbs. It starts with garden planning and offers helpful advice through to harvest and long-term storage. - details
The Victory Garden is the longest-running gardening show on television. The Garden's website offers growing tips, cooking tips and recipes. It also shares the many wonderful gardens they've explored and numerous helpful gardening videos. - details
Perhaps the oldest and largest gardening forum on the Internet, Garden Web brings together amateur backyard gardeners and professional horticulturalists together to share gardening tips, successful experiments and commiserate when things go wrong. - details

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