Website dedicated to collectors of Colt Automatic pistols. Online since 1996, offers the only online collection of the Colt Catalog Reference Guide from the years 1888-2005. - details
The International Ammunition Association is the premier cartridge collecting site with information about the forms and types of ammunition, their manufacture, variations and markings. The Cartridge Collectors Forum is a great place to share your knowledge and/or ask questions. - details
A good site to start for a beginning gun collector. The site has both basic and advanced topics on arms collecting and a special section on U.S. Military Arms. - details
Un-official collectors website for Mauser gun collectors. The site includes a history of the Mauser company and a gun gallery which includes detailed information about each gun profiled. The site also has a forum and newsletter. - details
Their print magazine has been published since 1944. Their website contains many of the same articles you will find in the magazine along with video reviews of guns, feature articles from our book and magazine authors and articles by 'just plain folks.' - details

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