Camera-wiki is an online encyclopedia of camera information. There are over 6,000 articles on this site with information about camera brands and models. Their goal is to document all of the cameras ever made - particularly those models which predate the Internet. - details
Learning how to use off-camera flash with a DSLR is what this website is all about. From their Lighting 101 course to video interviews with the professionals shooting for major ad campaigns, this site will teach you how to take better pictures even with your own small flash. - details
An international network of professional photojournalists, amateur digital photographers, graphic designers, image restoration artists and others work together restoring photographs destroyed in natural disasters, house fires and other unforeseen circumstances. They have a large library of photo editing tutorials and visiting their forums is like getting a masterclass in photo editing. - details
Microstock Insider provides useful articles, tips and ideas for amateur and professional photographers who sell their work online. - details
Moms with cameras, bloggers and professional photographers can visit this award-winning photography website with weekly photo challenges, tutorials, tips & lots of fun. - details

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