Bleacher Report is a community-driven online sports network where professional sports writers, bloggers and passionate fans can write about their favorite local and national sports. Over 500 articles are published every day and new writers are always encouraged to apply. - details
The Internet Hockey Database is the Internet's largest repository of hockey data. You can find stats, player lists and team information or share your views on your favorite team and players in the community forum. - details
Through a series of animals, you can learn the basics of the Olympic sport of curling. The site is available in both English and German. - details
When Eunice Kennedy Shriver started a summer camp for people with intellectual disabilities in 1963, it would seem unlikely that she envisioned what would become a world-wide global movement. It has grown to include 180 countries and millions of athletes, coaches and volunteers. Visit the site to be inspired by the athletes, share in their accomplishments and learn how you can volunteer to help. - details
They travel from Wasilla to Nome with their sleds, their dogs and an inner strength few of us possess. The Iditarod is the premier dogsled race in the world and only a few can proclaim they completed the race. Visit the site to view videos of the race, its competitors and the beautiful Alaskan lands they traverse. - details

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