The Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument covers an area larger than all of the United States other National Parks. It is a conservation area in the Pacific Ocean which was created in 2006 to protect the extensive coral reefs and over 7,000 marine species that can be found there including the threatened green sea turtle and the endangered Hawaiian monk seal. Visit this site to go on virtual tours, get involved in Hawaiian conservation efforts and learn more about the Monument. - details
With a land mass equal to that of India and a population of only 11,400, The Cook Islands remain largely unspoiled and free of high-rise hotels and the chaos that generally accompanies them. Visitors are afforded the unique opportunity to interact with the native population and explore coral reefs, tropical rain forests and the different cultures that can be found from island to island. - details
Kiribati is one of the small countries that can be found in Micronesia. It is comprised of 33 coral islands covering 313 square miles. The World War II Battle of Tarawa occurred on one of their islands and travelers can visit the historic sites and artifacts housed there. The site suggests that Kiribati is not for the average tourist - it is a place for travelers with a passion for exploring and discovering new cultures. Visitors will also find some of the best game and bone fishing the world has to offer. - details
Official tourism website for the island nation of Fiji. Learn about the 333 islands which make up this country and all of the activities they offer. From quiet strolls on white sandy beaches to backpacking and rain forest treks, the warm and friendly Fijians have something waiting to entice every member of the family to explore their home. - details
Virtual Oceania is the parent site of informational sites on Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Tonga. Each of the sites includes beautiful photographs and information on the cities, wildlife, natural wonders and people of each of the countries. - details

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