Find everything you need to know to attend the Rio Carnival. Find photos from previous years, find hotel accommodations, learn the samba, buy tickets for the Carnival Samba Parade of Rio de Janeiro and listen to the music of Carnival. - details
With more information that websites solely dedicated to Mount Everest, National Geographic offers videos, photo galleries and informational articles about Everest, climbing Everest and dispatches and photos from the mountain. - details
Thousands of people around the world are working together to create Patagonia National Park. Conservacion Patagonica is working in Chili and Argentina to create one large national park to function as the flagship for the existing parks that both countries have created. The Trust, founded by a former CEO of the Patagonia clothing company hopes to stop the destruction of ecosystems through conservation, education and habit recovery. - details
Presented in both English and Spanish, this website is operated by the Galapagos National Park Services. Learn about the Galapagos Marine Reserve (the second largest marine reserve in the world); the 230 island, islets and rocks that make up the archipelago and the many native and rare species that call Galapagos home. The Directorate has been tasked with protecting the environment while meeting the challenges of maintaining one of the world's most famous eco-tourism destinations. - details
The Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust operates the Museum at Britannia House and serves as custodians for the preservation of historical sites and items. They also educate visitors and residents in the history and traditions of the Falkland Islands. - details

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