Whether you’re looking to build your first makeup collection or discard the unnecessary clutter from the one you already have, every lady needs to know what the makeup essentials are. With these staple beauty products, you can’t go wrong!

For a smooth, even, attractive complexion, some form of liquid foundation, powder, and blush will serve you well. There are many brands of reputable makeup that can help provide you with even coverage and a consistent skin tone. Be sure you match the tone of the foundation and powder carefully to your own, lest you risk looking too pale or dark. Also, choose a shade of blush that works with your overall complexion, as you want to look natural, not like a porcelain doll or badly made-up preteen!

Concealer is another of the makeup essentials that should be a staple in any lady’s beauty kit. It’s what you could be using to cover under-eye circles, spots, blemishes, or other imperfections. The concealer should be slightly lighter than your skin tone, and you may have to shop around before you find one that works just right for you. Again, there are many reputable brands to choose from, so it’s a matter of trying enough different brands to find the right one for you.

Eye shadow is the next crucial element of your beauty kit. This is one of those makeup essentials you can have a lot of fun with! You might not have much room for experimentation with foundations, powders, or concealers, but there are hundreds of different eye shadow shades, brands and application styles. You could try a different style literally every day if you wanted to! It’s generally agreed upon that if you have brown eyes, you shouldn’t apply brown eye shadow; blue-eyed ladies should avoid blue eye shadow, and so on. Aside from this, you can experiment and go crazy if you like!

To enhance your eyelashes and draw attention to your eyes, a little (or a lot of) mascara carefully applied can really help. Black is the most common color, but you can also find mascara in others if you wish. You should definitely have a tube of black mascara. There are all sorts of special types with brushes made for great lash definition, even vibrating ones, but you don’t have to get these types if you don’t have the budget.

Lip gloss is the final makeup essential that every lady should have. If you wear eye shadow and mascara, you can emphasize your eyes, and you shouldn’t highlight them both at the same type for best results. Therefore, a light lip gloss to help get your lips smooth and shiny will help. You can get scented, flavored, or colored lip gloss if you prefer, but again, look for a color that compliments your natural complexion.

If you’re packing for a trip or you need to get together a basic kit so you’re ready to go out at any time, these beauty essentials should definitely be in your makeup kit. Between all of these, you will be prepared for nearly any occasion!