If high school isn’t for you for whatever reason, you may have considered homeschooling yourself to complete your high school education instead.

There are many different reasons a high schooler may want to quit public/private high school and finish their education at home instead, or even avoid high school entirely. The educational quality of many high schools is declining and has been for some time, unless you are lucky enough to live in one of the few areas where the school system has kept up with the times. Many high schools are filled with sex, violence, drugs, and negative peer pressure of all kinds. Bullying is rampant, and politics in the classroom can be thicker than in the average office.

Above all, many high schoolers mention not academics as the reason they went, but socialization. High school doesn’t provide a very well-rounded socialization, since you’re always surrounded by your peers hat are almost exactly the same age, and most students don’t seem to care about their education.

Homeschooling provides disillusion and burned-out high schoolers with a chance to finish their education and learn more valuable skills that are necessary in real life but not taught in high schools. You can socialize with people of all ages and learn a lot from being around people with more life experience that you can’t learn in high school.

Another great reason to homeschool yourself is that it will provide you with personality traits and skills that are priceless in the “real world” after graduation. Anyone who can go to an interview and talk about how they had to motivate themselves through finishing classwork on difficult days, choose their own high school classes and tutor themselves through the hard ones, faced legal and personal challenges during their education, and otherwise strove to set themselves apart from the norm will certainly impress their possible future employer.

Admission to college used to be an obstacle when considering homeschooling yourself through high school, but with the growth in the number of homeschooling children reaching college age, it’s becoming easier to gain admission through a number of different ways. Choosing an accredited homeschool institution that provides you with a recognized high school diploma is one way; you could also write the SAT or mature students’ admission test for the college, for instance.

There are some people who may not do well homeschooling themselves, however. If you have trouble motivating yourself and can’t get around it some way (we all have trouble with self-motivation at some time or another), you will struggle with homeschooling yourself. You must be mature and responsible enough to take responsibility for your actions and the consequences thereof, and you have to keep your goal in sight at all times.

Further research can help you choose a homeschool program, find out the legality of homeschooling yourself in your area, talk to your parents about it, and ultimately succeed in educating yourself at home. Follow in the footsteps of the successful homeschoolers who have done it before and learn to enjoy your education.