After weeks, months, or even years of struggling with acne, you’re finally acne-free… but wait! Your skin isn’t completely clear; you’re left with acne scars to reveal the tale of your struggle with this embarrassing skin condition to the rest of the world. Fortunately, there are ways to help hide acne scars or even get rid of them.

If your scarring is fairly mild, you may be able to treat it at home with products like chemicals that peel your skin, or home dermabrasion kits. Obviously, treat acne scars with caution and consult your doctor before trying home remedies, or you might make matters worse. Follow the instructions provided carefully, and don’t leave on any chemicals too long, or you could burn yourself and end up with worse scarring than before!

Natural remedies are gentler on your skin, so you may wish to try them out instead. Aloe vera gel is renowned for helping to heal and soothe burnt or scarred skin; acne scars are no exception to aloe vera’s healing properties. The juice of an aloe vera plant, a gel made from it, or aloe vera cream are all ways of using the plant to help heal. Lavender oils have been reported to work sometimes, and oil made from rosehip seeds is available in natural health stores and clinics. All of these solutions will have fewer negative side-effects on your skin.

If your scarring is more severe or none of the home remedies work, you may wish to seek professional treatment instead. Your doctor may be able to help you choose the method that works best for you, and a dermatologist will certainly be familiar with all of the procedures you can choose from.

Dermabrasion is an old method that has worked for decades. Originally, it consisted of sandpaper rubbing the skin to remove it, but dermabrasion methods are a little more advanced now. Your skin is numbed to help prevent pain, and then a machine rotates to abrade the scarred skin. You may have redness, pain or tingling as your skin heals, of course, and there will probably be scabs until the skin is fully healed.

Laser resurfacing is another, newer technique to help heal acne scars. With the help of a laser, people can have the outer, scarred layers of skin removed and new skin will form that doesn’t have the scars. It works best on lighter-skinned people, and will cause redness or swelling like dermabrasion.

Of course, if hiding is more a priority than healing them permanently, you can use makeup to cover the scarring, but a permanent solution is obviously best because you won’t have to worry about hiding them every day or feel self-conscious about the scars any longer.
Acne scars are an annoying, embarrassing and downright frustrating reminder of the battle you fought with acne. Just like you eventually found a way to clear up your acne, however, you can find a way to remove the scarring, too. In the meantime, you can use makeup to hide the scars, thanks to the wonders of technology!