A single look and she can melt her significant other into an admiring puddle. We all know that girl with the beautiful doe eyes, the ones that really seem to express her soul. If you have smaller eyes or even average ones, it’s hard not to be jealous. You, too, can have large eyes thanks to makeup.

When preparing your makeup routine, consider your natural eye shape and size when looking to make your eyes seem large. If they are naturally small and close-set, you’ll have to do more work to make them seem further apart and larger, but if they’re fairly regular, a little extra makeup might be good enough. When looking in the mirror, be careful not to squint if the light is too bright or artificially widen them; you want to improve the natural appearance without having to constantly be conscious of the fact that you should be widening your eyes.

When you’ve figured out how much work to do, you can use eyeliner first to widen your eyes. Remember first and foremost that too much eyeliner is a bad thing in this case, and you should never use eyeliner all the way around your eyes, like you might if you were doing the smoky eye effect. You should also never use eyeliner in the inner rims if you’re trying to go for big eyes. This will only make your eyes appear smaller, which can be mysterious and sexy, but is not the effect you’re looking for right now. Make sure the eyeliner pencil is freshly sharpened, or the liquid is free-flowing. Keep the line as close to your lashes as possible, and don’t trace it to the inner corners of your eyes. Instead, use a light or medium eyeliner shade (not pure, dark black) and a fine, even line to draw from mid-eye, above your iris, to the corner. You can extend the line past the corner a little, but make sure it’s straight or angled up.

Curled eyelashes with mascara applied can also help open up your eyes a lot. Keep the mascara to your top lashes only for best effect, and curl the lashes three times before applying any mascara. Brown mascara or even green may look best, but if it doesn’t emphasize your eyes enough and make them look large, try black mascara instead.

Eye shadow is another way to look like your eyes are bigger than they really are. Try a light shade of eye shadow below your brows, and a brighter, complementary shade from your lashes to the top of your eyelids to draw attention to your lids. White eye shadow on the outer or inner corners of your eyes can also help make them look bigger.

Follow these steps and enjoy receiving compliments on your beautiful, large eyes while batting your lashes at strangers, friends, or your significant others. A little touchup here and there may be required, so keep a small makeup kit with you if you’re going out for a while. Now that you’ve got beautiful eyes, remember to smile for the camera!