Maybe you have a friend or coworker who makes her own beauty products, or you’ve seen recipes for them online. Making your own beauty products seems intimidating at first, but when you actually begin to make them, you’ll see how easy and fun the process is.

Among the many reasons to make and use your own beauty products is the fact that they are natural. You know exactly what goes into them, and they aren’t loaded with artificial preserving agents and ingredients you wouldn’t want to eat. Arguably, this makes them better for you than most regular beauty products. With the rising cost of beauty products, if you tend to wear a lot of them, the bill can add up quickly. Supplementing or replacing your regular products with your own can help save money.

Some people object to the testing of cosmetics on animals, which can result in inhumane treatment of the testing animals. With your own products, you won’t be supporting this, if the issue concerns you. You can also customize them, so if you want to add your own scents or leave out ingredients, you can easily do so. You can choose your favorite recipes and make them again and again.

If you wish to make your own beauty products, there are some basic supplies required. Many different recipes for beauty products include ingredients like honey, eggs, and baking soda. If you don’t happen to have ingredients for one recipe, however, you can likely make another instead, as there are so many different ways to create any particular product. Other ingredients will be required, so gather together all the recipes you want to make in the immediate future before making your shopping list!
Perhaps you would enjoy adding scented oils to your beauty products. If so, you can find small containers of essential oils with many different scents from vanilla to lavender. You’ll only need to use a few drops at the most for each recipe, and it’s best to purchase a smaller container at first and then get a larger size if you decide you like how the scent works out.

Be careful if you have any allergies, and don’t use scented oils in products to be applied near your eyes.

Obviously, containers to hold the various products are useful, along with measuring spoons and cups to help you follow the recipes. Again, you’ll need an idea of which recipes you want to follow before making a definitive list of what you need.

There are a number of different products you can make yourself. Here are just a few:

  • Anti-aging cream
  • Facial masks
  • Shampoo (wet and dry)
  • Conditioner
  • Body scrub
  • Bath salts or additives
  • Acne/pimple treatments
  • Lip gloss

Even more types of products not listed can be made if you can find recipes! A simple Google search will list some, or you can purchase an ebook or book about the subject. Enjoy the process and results when making your own beauty products: it’s fun, easy and rewarding.