An attractive, clean appearance is one of the possessions many ladies place the most value upon. As such, it’s important to maintain this appearance regardless of your location in the world, and traveling is no excuse for an unkempt appearance.

First, you must find a container that will travel well. There are special travel makeup kits designed to help travelers fit what they need in a compact space. A stiff cloth or plastic zip-up container is popular with many women because it looks nice, allows you to easily see what’s inside, and doesn’t take up too much room in your luggage. What’s allowed or recommended to bring is based on your method of travel, of course. If you’re on an airplane, you probably shouldn’t bring nail clippers or anything else with sharp edges, for instance. On a train or bus where you won’t handle your luggage, breakable containers are a no-no, and by car, pretty much anything goes.

The purpose of your travel dictates what to bring. If you’re traveling for business, don’t bring makeup to dress up like you’re going out, and if you’re traveling with friends, you can bring more fun makeup. You’ll obviously want to avoid unnecessary makeup, so stick to the essentials if possible. You also want to be careful to wear makeup suited to the occasion; if you’re just getting off the plane, you probably don’t need your makeup yet, but stop at the hotel before the business conference to touch it up.

The essentials you should bring will probably vary depending on your makeup needs and skin type, but they could include: foundation, powder, blush, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipgloss. You may also wish to bring nail polish, lipstick, extra sponges and applicators, an eyelash styler, or other tools for longer trips, or if you are particularly concerned with your appearance.

Try not to worry about bringing a variety of colors; instead, anticipate what you are going to wear and bring no more clothes than you need to, then match your makeup and accessories to the clothes. It’s a delicate process that probably requires a few trips to perfect, but if you travel a lot, paying attention to what you’re really packing and bringing is important. A basic black mascara and eyeliner, two or three colors of eyeshadow, and two or three shades of lipgloss can be mixed and matched to create several different looks for any shorter trips, and you need only add a few items for longer trips.

There’s no need to bring the full sizes of your anti-oxidant, skin cream, or other bulky containers. You can often find travel-sized containers of the same products and reuse the containers by refilling them yourself when you run out. If not, you can find generic travel containers at dollar stores and department stores, then decant some products into each (being sure to label them with masking tape and a pen).

Staying fashionable and attractive while traveling is entirely possible in this age of beauty.