Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you go to kiss your date or significant other and your lips are perfectly colored, plumped, and ready? Even if you’re not right now intending to do any kissing, part of being beautiful is having perfect lips.

Your color of lipstick should depend on your lips, your skin tone, and your hair color. For instance, if you have blonde hair, you can wear wine or berry colored lipsticks, corals, apricot, peach, or other similar hues depending on your skin tone. You might even look good with cappuccino, brown or terracotta tones. Browner colors suit brunettes well; cinnamon, brown-tinted red and terracotta all look good on a brunette. Redheads, meanwhile, are suited best by a peachy brown color, cinnamon, and similar warm colors. Of course, your skin tone plays a major role in this, too; depending on whether you’re a cool, neutral or warm skin tone, you might look bad in the same tone that someone else with the same hair color looks good in. It’s always best to consult a professional on what colors suit you best.

The first thing you should apply is lip liner, if you choose to use it. You don’t have to, and some women look better without it. Keep the color either neutral or match it to the lipstick, but don’t use darker lip liner, or you’ll look silly and clown-like if the lipstick fades or rubs off. Chill your lip liner pencil in the fridge for a few minutes, then sharpen it. Start at the middle of your upper lip, and outline your lips to each corner, keeping to your natural lip line rather than trying to shape a new one. You can also fill in the lips with the pencil if you would like.

If you find lip liner hard to apply, try to use neutral colors that won’t show mistakes as much, and instead of drawing lines, draw dots at first. Then, connect the dots with small, light and steady lines. A damp washcloth or finger can wipe away any mistakes easily.

Next, apply your lipstick. If you filled in your lips with the liner, it will stay better, and foundation will do the same thing though may also dry out your lips. Use a brush if possible, as it will help you to apply precisely, use the least amount possible, and minimize mess-ups. Stretch out your lips, then starting at the middle of your top lip again, apply the color to your lips and go to the corners.

Follow these tips and make sure you remember the order to apply lipstick and lip liner in if you want to have beautiful, perfect lips. Don’t forget, keep your lip liner in a lighter shade than your lipstick if you choose to use it; if you’re on a budget, you might opt to skip the lip liner entirely, or wear only lip liner and fill in your lips with it instead of using lipstick, too. It’s simpler and faster, though it doesn’t look as “perfect” as using both.

Enjoy your beautiful smile!