Did you ever think to check your kitchen before going to the spa? Many high-end beauty treatments secretly use natural ingredients, or try to mimic the properties of these foods you can get from your own kitchen for much less money. Try stealing these ingredients from your own kitchen!

1. Honey

One of the all-time most popular beauty ingredients, this sweet stuff was used by Cleopatra, Nero’s wife, and other famous beautiful women to keep their hair and skin in top condition. There are a variety of uses for honey, from facial masks to bath additives. You can smooth it onto your face directly, let it dry and rinse it off for an inexpensive beauty treatment.

2. Almonds

With the moisturizing properties of this ingredient, it’s great to perk up dry hair or skin. In fact, it’s so good at doing this that it’s even included in many high-end creams and lotions. You can use its lightly scented oil as a body oil on a regular basis or during massages, or use finely ground almonds in recipes.

3. Milk

Another all-time favorite beauty ingredient, this can help your complexion or aid in keeping your smooth skin. Several natural facial mask recipes call for milk, and even Cleopatra used to bathe in it to keep her skin so beautiful. It’s a common ingredient in recipes that focus on other foods, too.

4. Egg white

From facial masks to acne treatments, all sorts of skin ailments can be treated with egg whites. Simply applying it to your skin, avoiding the eye and mouth areas, will help brighten, tighten and smooth your skins, and even reduce your blackheads. It can also be mixed with other ingredients for even more of an effect. Some people swear that it cured or really helped their acne.

5. Bananas

If your skin sometimes looks puffy or red, bananas could be the answer to your problems. They help relax and soothe your skin, while moisturizing if you have dry skin. Facial masks for your skin and treatments for your hair sometimes use this ingredient.

6. Potatoes

Feeling tired? Plagued by dark under-eye circles? Need to lighten your skin or treat sunburn? Potatoes can help with all of the above, and more. Potato facial masks, compresses and cleansers help to keep your skin clear and fresh. Cut a raw potato into coins and place them on your face, or use the water that potatoes were boiled in to wash your face to keep it fresh and clear.

7. Lemons

Inexpensive, easy to obtain and powerful, this little yellow fruit can work wonders. It cleanses and brightens your skin, keeps it clear from pimples and spots, and even helps remove freckles. There are many different uses for lemons, and a quick internet search will reveal some of them.

If your beauty products don’t include any of these ingredients, why not make some of your own? It’s shocking just how well many of Mother Nature’s products work; often, they work better than artificial products! Try some natural beauty recipes and use a few of these ingredients – what do you have to lose?