For many people, $100 is a lot of money. It’s enough to get a last-minute plane seat sale or train ticket to see somewhere you’ve never been, pay the grocery bill for a week or even a month, bolster your emergency fund by a bit more, or pay for Christmas gifts for relatives. There are plenty of ways to start saving $100 today. Here are just a few of them.

1. Just ask

You might be surprised at what you can do by simply asking. Call the providers of all your utilities such as your telephone company, and ask if there’s a discount available that they can give you.

The activation fee of a new phone or internet line can often be waived if you just ask. You can casually mention that you were shopping for the best prices and considering switching to a competitor, if you’re prepared to actually follow through and do so if you don’t get your discount.

If you’re in debt, call credit card companies and ask for decreases of the interest rate so you can pay off the bills. Often, creditors are happy to get a reduced payment rather than no money at all. At the cash register, ask for discounts for your student status, damaged merchandise, or no particular reason.

Negotiate down the prices on large-ticket items like TVs with department managers. This is one the best ways to save $100 easily!

2. Change it up

If you’re spending a lot on entertainment, just know that this isn’t necessary! First, think about everything that you are spending money on for recreation. If this means a gym pass, for instance, is going unused, consider cancelling it rather than wasting money on the chance you might use it. Magazines can be found in the library for free rather than paying for numerous subscriptions.

Look for decreased “entertainment plans” for your TV, if you really have to have one. It’s difficult to overcome the TV addiction, but those who do have found their quality of life very much enhanced. You can download your very favorite programs, avoid wasting time watching commercials, and control when you want to watch them. There are plenty of free hobbies you can take up instead that will engage your brain, get you active, and won’t numb your brain!

Figure out your most expensive habits and cut them out or down if possible: smoking, drinking, TV, gaming subscriptions, chocolate, etc.

3. Plan in advance

Don’t waste money on food, either unnecessary food or stuff that spoils quickly. On Sunday or Monday, plan for the week using flyers to find out the cheapest items at your local supermarkets. Plan your meal menu for the week and you’ll decrease the stress of suppertime and not knowing what to cook while saving money, too.

For large purchases, shop online and you can often find cheaper prices for just about anything you need. For small ones, you can shop around at different stores; for instance, rather than paying top dollar for cosmetics at drug stores or stationery from office supply shops, visit the dollar store for the same brand names at reduced prices.

These are just a few of the many ways to save $100 today!